Sunday, 20 April 2014

Artistic Junk and Kudzu

Since I have been there and back again (to Ossabaw), I have written 10 new poems, edited 60, retired 10 or so. I have submitted 32 of those poems, had 5 rejected and awaiting response on the others.

To get myself started with the submission process, I decided to practise submitting photographs to just two journals that I love and respect. Once I got the process down, I then began submitting poetry, non-fiction, entering contests, sending to journals, applying for festivals.

Wait, festivals? Yes. Back in the day, when I studied performance poetry seriously, I performed regularly at coffee shops and literature festivals. One night I became so overcome with stage fright and anxiety....I never again stepped up to the mic. Not once. It was around that same time that I stopped writing poetry too.

So. The time has come. Many things I have been fearful of, I have slain. I can get on a boat now without a panic attack. I can even take our boat out on the pond, alone. I can let others read my work without completely freaking out. The only way to become an artist is to make art and share it?

So, yesterday I got in the mail the acceptance to perform at the local art festival. It is a pretty special event and I am honoured. In the last week I also received two acceptance letters for work I submitted.....those photos I submitted! Hilarious. Also, eye opening. I think I will nurture this part of my art and see what happens.

I plan on going back to Georgia next year and I recommend the retreat to anyone else who might be struggling to find their voice. Magic happens there. It must. My fears were very, very rooted and thorny. Kudzu.

So, the photographs that are getting the most attention? I have this habit of taking pictures of abandoned things and junk. I love the colours and lines of corrosion and decay. I just had no idea that others might find beauty in it too.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Science, Why Having A Microscope on Hand is Awesome!

Lily grabbed up a cup of pond water when she went fishing. Just one day later she brings it to me and asks.....what are these things? She thought maybe she had discovered a prehistoric water bug, previously unknown. I do believe she has inherited a sense of the dramatic from her mother. She thought that the discovery would earn her a million dollars and then Chad would no longer have to travel for work. Aw......

So we worked through the emotions of disappointment all the way back to wonder. What are these creatures? Probably mosquito larvae. Mostly. We identified at least 10 different specimens. Still working on id, and as they mature, that will become easier.

Also. Parasites. So many. Yay for healthy pond water! Anyone want to swim with us this summer?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Perfect Day to Welcome Spring

Friday was a very warm not windy day here at the farm. We started by doing chores, cleaning the hearth and washing windows. When I opened the windows I realised quickly that only a tyrant would make the kids stay indoor doing crap work when the weather outside was so incredibly perfect. We've had all winter to be miserable indoors, we must dance out into the sunshine at last!

And so we did.

Ellie the bottle lamb follows us like a puppy so she got to be out too.

Midway through the day I got a text message from a friend asking if she and her boys could come visit the farm. Oh yes! Bonfire time! I fed them brats on a stick and my kids took them on an island adventure through the woods and around the pond.

Isaac was thrilled to see Jessica too and was just charming and adorable getting her attention. Love that baby! Then Jessica and her boys helped us catch a piglet that was not thriving like he should be and we got him started on a bottle right away. Kitchen pig, oh, you have my heart. Holly named him Oinkers, though his official name is Hawthorn. He is HER bottle pig. HERS. No one else may claim him.

The bonfire was perfect. The company was much needed and wonderful. Days like this are a blessing.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Downtime /= Rest

Downtime from blogging doesn't mean downtime from everything else. It is lambing season, we have a bottle lamb, bees are out, new pigs and piglets, Spring chores, and kids.....not to mention grading for my day job, managing farm PR, and cooking.

I am a bit overwhelmed. I am writing though, just not blogging. I am caught up in it: reading, writing, revising, researching, submitting, managing submissions and tracking. It is a good thing and is generating results..... I did not believe it was even possible.

So I am still here, just like a ghost. Here are some pictures though, from the farm.